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Is Planet Fitness Open

    As the name suggests, Anytime Fitness gyms stay open 365 days of the year to anyone who wants to exercise. Planet Fitness Holiday Hours Consists of planet fitness being open most holidays throughout the year, not all. Unlike some gym franchises, Planet fitness realizes that planet fitness members might have obligations, like working with families; that makes 24-hour planet fitness a great option for many gym-goers. With the exception of some holidays, the vast majority of Planet Fitness locations are open 24/7.

    Most times, Planet Fitness hours for openness will be similar, usually around all hours, all days, Monday through Friday. While Planet Fitness is generally open 24/7 on weekdays, some locations will close Sunday evenings and open earlier Monday mornings. While Planet Fitness is known for its 24 hours-a-day operating principles, gyms do close sometimes on some federal holidays. As Newsweek points out, the chain does not have a standard hours a across-the-board, meaning that your local gym may be open late on the Fourth of July, or closed early.

    Yes, Planet Fitness is open on Fourth of July, but they will not have normal hours, which is typical for any location you are looking at. Planet Fitnesss Thanksgiving hours begin one day earlier and end on the day after the holiday, so make sure to get the correct hours noted and not wind up driving to the gym when it is closed. The section at the bottom of this page also includes a chart showing the holiday hours for Planet fitness so make sure that your local gym is open for the holiday season.

    There might be some variations during weekends, so it is best to check the hours for your local gym prior to going. Since many are open all day, weekends are the only days during the week that the gym is closed, which is typically from 7pm Saturday and Sunday. On New Years Eve, the gym branches all will open at 8 pm, closing 6 pm.

    Whatever overall guidelines are in place usually means gyms will not need to stay open the normal 24 hours on days such as July 4. That means that each individual gym is free to establish their own hours for holidays, according to whatever general mandate comes down from above. That corporate mandate mentioned above – and it is the whole sales pitch for Planet Fitness as well – is for gyms to be open 24/7. Some gyms make it even easier to exercise when you want, staying open 24/7.

    Members of 24-Hour Fitness tend to stay close to themselves, so 24-Hour Fitness is also a great gym for those who would rather work out alone and are not interested in making friends at the gym.

    24 Hour Fitness has better equipment, softer rules, and offers a better workout environment. Because it does not have any weightlifting equipment, it is not the perfect gym for someone who enjoys lifting a lot. In addition to having a larger amount of strength training equipment, 24 Hour Fitness has an extensive selection of functional training equipment, which is why it is suitable for a wider range of exercise goals. Despite having just around 300 locations across 11 states, it is the second largest chain gym by revenue.

    That, combined with 24 Hour Fitnesss vast array of equipment, group classes, and trained personal trainers, makes it an ideal gym for beginners and experienced gym-goers. Although there are limited classes per day, 24 Hour Fitness has a better selection overall, and would fit in nicely for anyone who likes group fitness. The prices at 24 Hour Fitness are tough to beat, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to save on their gym membership. Having been around since the 1980s, 24 Hour Fitness has a well-established history as one of the best gym franchises in the United States.

    In addition to its newest Planet Fitness, the Northville-based Michigan group, PF, is opening a few more area gyms, including Planet Fitness in Novi off of Interstate 96 in the new Adell Centre, and another in Bloomfield Township just off Telegraph just north of Lake Square. The company, which operates multiple Planet Fitness locations in communities like Livonia and Farmington Hills, hopes to have the new Planet Fitness gym open by early March. A Planet Fitness is coming to the Virginia Beach Shopping Center, with an expected opening date of May or June 2020, said owner Kemps River Corner Associates.

    Although LA Fitness operates on a franchising system, the gym announced its regular hours of operation via Twitter this year. Since Equinox gyms run under a franchise system, individuals are encouraged to check their local branch for their exact New Years Opening hours, since times may fluctuate on Jan. 1. In addition to that, El Paso, Boardman, and Medford Gyms are known as Planet Fitnesss most popular gyms, and those are the hours that the El Paso location is open.

    For most locations, Planet Fitness is open New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, MLK Day, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, and a list of other holidays found in the chart below this paragraph. Membership benefits Join This Clubs Crowd Meter Crowd History Hours: 6am-9am.12pm-3pm.6pm-9pm. For the most part, the hours of Planet Fitness for openness remain consistent, usually being 24/7 Monday through Friday, with Planet Fitness opening at 7am on weekends. The Lacey is actually open during Thanksgiving morning.

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