Indian diet plan for weight gain – 2021

The most common questions in today’s diet are “what is the healthiest”” diet plan for weight gain” or “what is the best diet plan for weight gain””what are the most successful diets”. The healthiest diets are those that have no negative side effects and improve your health, longevity and energy. The best diets are the ones that give quick results without harming your health. The most successful diets are those that do both.

Unfortunately, most fast-acting diets are as dangerous as diet pills because of their harmful side effects. Other extreme diet methods, such as starvation or eating certain foods that force you to gain weight, can damage the kidneys and other Body parts.

Before Start Diet Plan for weight gain, Some Important Points :-

  • For starters, you might consider eating fresh vegetables or, more specifically, High – Carb vegetables.
  •  If you prefer a more exciting meal, you can also add great organic dishes to your main dish, Courses and even desserts. Whatever way you go to prepare your vegetables, it is important that you never overcook them. Stop destroying your important food.
  • Another thing you can start doing is to start a detox process to remove all the harmful toxins. A very good detox diet process is known as a quick juice plan.
  • Such a method requires a short-term intake of natural fruit and vegetable drinks and only water. Proponents of the use of juice on an empty stomach. Juice because it is considered an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.
  • It is actually a very effective detox practice, although many people experience some side effects like headaches, Fatigue and even other allergic reactions. But do not be afraid, these signs are natural, because the body is simply adapting.
  • You are requesting for a recent meal and/or lifestyle. If you stick with this action then after a few days the side effects will start going away completely..
  • You can also check out recipes for liquid diets and weight loss shakes to help you through this simple diet plan.
  • To develop an easy diet plan with flexibility, you should include the foods you love to eat. Integrating only the foods you love, Your own system can make a difference in your lifestyle.
  • Your good food list can’t just include foods like ice cream and cake. You should make some healthy choices.
  • Select  Calories for some of your favorite foods. You can eat some sweet snacks, but only in limited quantities. Note that you actually have a goal is to achieve, and you are doing exactly what you are doing.
  • An easy and effective diet plan should have structure and flexibility

Without a lot of protein or fat, my carb-rich breakfast threw my body on a blood sugar rollercoaster. The result: an irritable girl with brain fog, sporadic energy, constant hunger and a craving for carbohydrates.
You recognize? If so, it’s time to lighten up your breakfast plate.

Indian diet plan for weight gain – 2021

5 reasons to eat a high protein :-

Elevate Your Energy and Your Mind

Protein is the only food source of amino acids. Amino acids produce mood-enhancing chemicals, including dopamine, our natural energy and mental focus. A high protein breakfast will give you sharper, clearer mental focus and longer lasting energy. Skip the protein, and you’ll feel sluggish, boring, and scattered.

Improve Your Mood

Protein also makes the amino acid serotonin, a feel-good chemical that promotes happiness and well-being. Without a protein-packed breakfast, you may feel irritable, anxious or depressed.

Control hunger, eat less

A breakfast of high quality proteins and healthy fats can keep you full for 4-6 hours. Just eat a bagel, muffin, or cereal, and you’ll soon be screaming for breakfast. If you’re often hungry an hour after breakfast, you’re skimping on protein.

Burns Fat

Protein-rich foods trigger the release of glucagon, a fat-burning hormone, unlike carbohydrates, which stimulates the release of insulin, a fat-storing hormone.

Master Your Sweet Tooth

Protein helps stabilize blood sugar. A good dose of protein in the morning will help you finish by 3 pm. Candy jar raids and ice cream binges at night.

We have seen Why High Protein is essential for weight gain, Now Read below the Diet plan for weight gain chart information.

Balanced breakfast ideas

Start your day with a breakfast that has 20-25 grams of protein, along with some healthy fats and smart carbohydrates. Here are five high-protein foods with approximate grams per serving and suggested serving:

  • Three Eggs (18-24 g): Make Vegetable Omelet with Whole Grain Toast or Scramble Egg Burrito with Whole Grain Omelet, Avocado and Salsa. Boil hard-boiled eggs or freeze mini quiches for an easy-to-work breakfast and enjoy with fruit.
  • Four ounces (about the size of the palm of your hand) of lean meat, chicken or wild fish (20 grams) – yes, you can have lunch for breakfast! Layer turkey, chicken, salmon, or sardines on whole-wheat bread with avocado, tomato, and arugula or spinach.
  •  One cup of cottage cheese (27 grams) or plain Greek yogurt (23 grams) – not fat-free! Add fruit, cinnamon, flaxseeds, and raw nuts or seeds.
  • High-quality protein powder (1-2 scoops depending on serving size) – mix into a green smoothie (recipe here) or whole grain oatmeal (e.g., steel cut oats, quinoa, millet), nuts and fruit.
  •  Two tablespoons organic peanut butter (8 grams) or almond butter (7 grams) – spread on sprouted English muffins (8 grams) and then with protein powder (10-15 grams) with water or 100% fruit or vegetable juice Mix.

Lunch Idea For Weight gain


Dairy ration: 2 cup yogurt
– Cereal and fruit ration: 1 raisin/berry granola bar
– Portion of vegetables and protein: 1 portion of Caesar Salad with Super Chicken
– 1 bottle of water or 100% juice (possible portion of fruit)


-Cereal, Protein and Dairy Servings: Melted tuna on whole wheat bread (use one or two recommended servings of tuna and cheese)
– Fruit part: apple pieces
-Vegetable part: tomato juice


– Grain, Protein and Veggie Ration: Asian Stir-Fry Noodles with Vegetables and Lean Pork (This can be served cold. Hint: These are leftovers from a few nights ago!)
– Portion of fruits and dairy: Calcium-rich orange juice

Thursday :- 

-Serving of cereal, fruit and protein: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with fresh berries on whole wheat bread (use a tablespoon of peanut butter for an adequate serving of protein)
-Vegetable Servings: Celery or Carrot Sticks Fat Free / No Trans Fat 0% Ranch Dressing
– Dairy Ration: Chocolate Milk.

Friday :-

-Serving Grains, Vegetables and Protein: Whole Wheat Tortilla Wrap stuffed with lettuce, sliced ​​tomato and your choice of slice of turkey, chicken or meat.
– Fruit part: Orange section
-Dairy ration: 1 cup chocolate pudding.

Indian diet plan for weight gain – 2021

The Dinner diet plan to gain weight

  • Milk – Milk contain fats, carbohydrates, proteins and other vitamins and minerals which essential to make bone strong and healthy.
  • Chapati – It contains high amount of protein and rich in fiber with complex fats. Also, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and sodium are available which is important to maintain body fats.
  • Cereals – Mostly it helps to gain Weight and a source of vitamin B, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. Including floate.
  • Eggs – eggs are high in nutrition with present of high quilty  protein. Per’s day 3to 5 Boil eggs will help you to gain weight fast.

And there are different type of foods and vegetables are important which contains high nutrition, fats and carbohydrates which are not mentioned here, but you always take high nutrition and calories foods.

Starting a diet is easy, but sticking to it is the hard part. As a general rule of thumb, find a diet that suits you and your lifestyle. Psychology plays an important role in any diet plan, so follow our top ten tips, and you will surely be successful.

10 tips and you will surely be successful

Why do you want to diet?

⇉ Identify why you want to diet. We each have our reasons for dieting, which are often as personal as we are. Write a using index Diet Reasons on Each Card Whenever you feel like breaking your diet, taking a look at these cards will certainly help  to stay the course.

Mind Control 

⇉ Identify the thoughts that allow you to eat and formulate a response. These negative thoughts that always sabotage your diet before easy feeding. Learning to cope with them and identifying what triggers these thoughts will help you stay strong. Your diet plan.

Identify Hunger

⇉ Real hunger is usually felt in the stomach. It is easy to confuse hunger with thirst. As a general rule of thumb, if your lips are dry, it will be the last To be able to correctly identify whether you are hungry or not, you need to feel real hunger. Just skip the meal or go Several hours without eating, and you can tell the difference.

Emotional Eating

=> Breaking the link between emotions and eating. Eating is a physiological need; Emotions are related to psychology. No feeling, Especially adverse feelings, will persist even after you have finished your binge on food. Develop coping strategies and Recognizing that the emotion you are feeling is not hunger is an effective mechanism for dismantling this negative link.

Maximize Your Eating Experience

⇉ Make the most of your dining experience. Eating slowly will eventually make you feel full. Always sit down to eat as you would Much more comfortable and less inclined to run. Calculate your caloric intake by choosing foods that you enjoy, and therefore I want to taste No problem eating out. All restaurants offer suitable options that do not interfere with your diet.

Best Program on diet Plan for weight gain

There are so many online diet programs available on the internet that trying to figure out which one is which can be confusing.

This article will help you choose the right one by telling you exactly what features to look for, this way you can find out for yourself which is the best online diet program. Important points before start diet plan 

  • A new way.
  • Lose fat.
  • Boost metabolism.
  • Guarantee.
  • Review.

Choosing a diet program that includes a “day off” mechanism to give your body a “calorie spike” is essential.
Force your body to burn fat faster. Diets that do not include “days off” greatly slow down your body’s metabolism.

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