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How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

    To cancel a Planet Fitness membership, you must either visit the gym in person or send a mail letter. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your Planet Fitness membership online; you must either visit your club in person to cancel, or mail a letter of cancellation to them via certified mail. You have to fill out the cancellation form at the front desk at your home club, or you must mail the cancellation letter via certified mail, in order to cancel a planet fitness membership. The first option for cancellation is to visit your local clubs front desk and request a cancellation form.

    To continue to make your request for membership termination in person, you may want to attend your local clubhouse and talk with its Executive Director or Manager. You will need to submit the cancellation request letter, or you will have to visit your home club in person (which is what we recommend). Once you have submitted the cancellation request, you typically need to wait for 30 days (the notification period). Depending on your membership and your circumstances, you might still need to pay an opt-out fee or pay that months fees.

    There is no cancellation fee for anyone who has been a member for over a year, or who signs up for the No-Commitment Membership. No, you do not get a refund if you end your membership before the end of your bill month.

    If you are eligible to have the cancellation fee waived, please note that in your letter, along with your reasons. You should also take a photo of your cancellation form using a smartphone for your personal records. The certified letter should include a clear, unequivocal request to cancel your membership, as well as an effective cancellation date. A certified letter can be requested, giving you proof that a letter was received, but contact the club to confirm its cancelation policy.

    Go to the Planet Fitness location where you registered for membership at the club. The front desk staff will give details about their lockout policy, along with the cancelation form for your membership. Fill out the form and have whoever is responsible for the gym get back in touch with you once the membership is cancelled. In addition, you will need to go into the Planet Fitness club in-person and complete a Membership Cancellation Form. In case, if you wish to reach Planet Fitness via telephone and wish to know about membership cancellation details, you can reach them on (844) 880-7180. Mention your requirement to get written cancellation notification and give them a telephone number that they can call to get any clarifications or confirm about the cancellation of your membership.

    In the event that Planet Fitness still insists you must pay, show them documentation signed by a member of staff that indicates that you have already cancelled your membership. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your Planet Fitness membership with one phone call; you must either provide written notification that you are canceling your membership, or go into Planet Fitness in person. How to Pause Your Planet Fitness Membership If you need to take a temporary break from your Planet Fitness membership, and would rather not cancel your Planet Fitness membership altogether, you may be able to suspend your account.

    If you would like to suspend or cancel your gym membership, you will have to follow the instructions below. If you have ever had a gym membership, you know you might need to jump through a few hoops when it comes time to cancel. Unfortunately, there are cases where people tried to cancel their gym membership, only to discover they were still being charged afterward.

    While it is incredibly simple to sign up for a gym membership, which comes with regular monthly payments, the gym does not make it that simple to cancel. Members nationwide are reporting that canceling their membership at Plant Fitness is frustrating and too difficult. In his review for ConsumerAffairs, Nick of Westminster, Colo., points out that Planet Fitness uses technology in other aspects of its business, like allowing members to transfer memberships from one club to another online. McCall Gosselin, SVP of communications for Planet Fitness, pointed out that all Planet Fitness locations offer a no-commitment membership, which can be cancelled anytime, without long-term contracts.

    While Planet Fitness locations in certain states, where laws apply, are required to allow for cancellations via the Internet, consumers in other states report problems having to cancel in-person or by mail (preferably with proof). When ConsumerAffairs reviewed both PlanetFitness membership contracts and requests for service pauses or freezes, both explicitly stated that members must cancel in-person at the club where they signed up as a member, or provide written notification. There are various reasons to cancel, including that no fitness club wants their members to quit. Made after a law was passed in Arizona allowing consumers in that state to more easily and transparently cancel their gym memberships anytime.

    Over the years, people have filed lawsuits against Equinox for its unreasonable cancelation policies, Orangetheory for hiding cancellation fees, LA Fitness for misleadingly advertising its month-long membership renewal policies, and the Washington Athletic Clubs for its deceptive cancellation and billing policies. There is at least one filed suit alleging that there is no way for a member to physically walk into the physical location to cancel his or her membership, as Planet Fitness has closed its doors because of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Planet Fitness is a popular chain of fitness centers (Plant Fitness had over 15 million members in March 2020), but the franchise has not adopted modern customer service practices, particularly with regard to canceling membership plans. To cancel via mail, mail a letter including your name, address, phone number, and Planet ID membership number, and explain why you wish to cancel your membership.

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