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How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership On App

    Unfortunately, you cannot cancel a Planet Fitness membership with a telephone call; you must either provide written notice of cancellation of membership, or you must visit Planet Fitness in person. Planet Fitness does not let its members cancel their Pf membership via their app, but there are 2 alternate methods for doing so. While Planet Fitness has a special mobile app just for Planet Fitness members, the app does not support requesting a cancellation of a membership. In case, if you wish to reach Planet Fitness via telephone and wish to know about the details of a membership cancellation, you can reach them on (844) 880-7180.

    If you want to cancel your membership for any reason, please use the attached Planet Fitness Cancellation Notice. If you are a Planet Fitness member and your home club is closed due to security concerns or community concerns, your membership will be automatically frozen, and you will not be charged. If you are a member of a fitness club offering virtual personal training, you might be looking to cancel your membership.

    Fitness club members can find a variety of reasons for canceling membership. Once a commitment is made, it is difficult for fitness club members to end their subscription, even when they wish to do so. Fitness club members often end up paying annual and monthly fees while not really going to the gym. Fitness club enthusiasts find those benefits attractive, and quickly take up the first offers they receive.

    If you want to go one step further, you can pay about $21 a month and get all this, as well as access to tanning and massages, and you get access to every Planet Fitness location no matter where you are.

    If members are on the Classic Membership and want to become Black Card members, they can do an easy upgrade via the app. When you refer a friend, giving them your code, they can be a member at $1 off, regardless of if they are applying to be a Classic or Black Card membership.

    You may want to check with your local club to see if Black Card members get any special benefits in terms of canceling memberships. To go through with your membership cancellation request in person, you may want to attend your home club and talk with its Executive Officer or Manager. You will need to submit the cancellation request letter, or you will have to visit your home club in person (which is what we recommend).

    You can complete and submit the details, then mail your cancellation form to the home clubs address. You will need to go down to your local clubs front office and request the cancellation form. The first option to cancel is to visit the front desk at your local club and ask for the cancellation form.

    This will bring you to a screen where you can cancel by entering some cancellation information. Go will let you speak with someone at the front desk about your membership. Of course, you can also make your membership renewal at the front desk yourself, if that is more convenient.

    Once you cancel your membership, you will get an email from DoNotPay. No, you do not get a refund if you terminate your membership before the end of your payment term. If you are too close to the regular autopay, that would be causing an additional months worth of subscription fees. Your membership will then be cancelled at the end of a notification period, usually 30 days.

    You can suspend your membership, so that you will not have to cancel it permanently. If canceling and suspending membership is not what you are looking for. If you truly wish to end the membership, simply make a strong decision.

    That way, you can cancel the membership without going through a process. Even if they have cancelled the credit cards, you might still want to cancel your dead gym membership. If you are concerned that your deceaseds credit card will continue to bill, a good first step is to cancel his or her credit cards.

    While signing up for a gym membership that has regular monthly payments is incredibly simple, canceling it is not as easy at gyms. Every gym membership shares the same type of systems, which puts multiple obstacles in your way when it comes to canceling. There are various reasons to cancel, including the fact that no fitness club wants their members to quit.

    You also have to visit the Planet Fitness Club in person to fill out the Membership Cancellation Form. If you are canceling because you are not satisfied with the Planet Fitness location, talk with your local Club Manager before making a final decision.

    Planet Fitness values its Planet Fitness members, meaning if you want to leave for any reason, their Membership Counselors will provide you with solid advice, and should you choose to leave, will provide additional arrangements for you.

    Go to the Planet Fitness location where you registered for membership at the gym The front desk staff will give details about their lockout policy, along with the cancelation form for your membership. Fill out the form and have whoever is responsible for the gym contact you when your membership is cancelled. You need to complete a cancellation form either at your local clubs front desk or by sending your cancellation letter via certified mail in order to terminate a Planet Fitness membership. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your planet fitness membership online; you have to visit your club in person to cancel or mail a cancelation letter to them by certified mail. The only way you can cancel a planet fitness membership is to go into the gym physically or by sending them a letter. You cannot cancel a membership via mail or over the phone, but you can use apps such as DoNotPay to make it easier for you to cancel.

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