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How To Cancel My Planet Fitness Membership

    As required by the terms of our contract, please accept this letter as official notification from me that you intend to cancel your membership with Planet Fitness. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your Planet Fitness membership with one telephone call; you must provide written notice of cancellation of membership or attend Planet Fitness in person.

    Please include your request to have your membership cancelled written notice, as well as your telephone number where you may call them with any questions or confirmation about your cancellation of your membership. Waiting to Process the Cancellation: If you do not get any notice about whether or not your cancelation has been processed one week after Planet Fitness received the letter of cancellation, you may want to call them to follow-up. Once your cancellation request is submitted, you typically will need to wait for 30 days (notice period).

    You either have to send in a letter of cancellation or physically attend the home club (which is something we recommend). To go ahead and make your cancellation request to your home club in person, you may want to visit your home club and talk with its Executive Officer or Manager. You may want to check with your home club to find out whether Black Card members are given any special privileges in terms of cancelling membership.

    Also, you will need to visit a Planet Fitness Club in-person and fill out the Membership Cancellation Form. You can either cancel in-person by visiting your nearest Home Club, or you can send a letter to the Planet Fitness address.

    You should either fill out the cancelation form at the front desk at your home club, or mail the cancellation letter via certified mail, in order to terminate your Planet Fitness membership. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your planet fitness membership online; you have to visit your club in person to cancel or mail a cancelation letter to them by certified mail. It is a non-commitment membership, and because of that, you can cancel anytime in certain club locations.

    There is no cancellation charge for anyone who has been a member for over one year, or those signing up with the No-Commitment Membership. If you are a member who has been paying a year-long, commitment-based subscription for over 12 months, you will be given the option to cancel anytime. For instance, if you have chosen the 12-month commitment membership plan, you would be required to pay the cost for all 12 months if you decided to cancel before the contract was due to expire.

    If you are too close to the regular autopay, that would be another months worth of subscription fees. Depending on your membership and your circumstances, you might still have to pay the cancellation or covering that months fees. No, you do not get a refund if you cancel before your bill is due.

    If you wish to suspend or cancel your gym membership, you must use the instructions below. Gym memberships are notoriously hard to cancel, but with our help, the process becomes much easier. While signing up for a gym membership, which comes with regular monthly payments, is incredibly simple, canceling it is not that simple at the gym.

    If they allowed you to cancel via phone, or online, canceling would be a lot easier. I would have had to stop at multiple locations to print the forms, then have certified mail sent in order to submit my cancelation request.

    I sent some emails, and finally got a call telling me Planet had no information saying that I had cancelled my membership, and that I had to pay the full amount. The issue was, our relationship had ended and I did not want to continue being confronted by my ex-girlfriend, so I went in front of a Planet representative at a desk and told them that I wanted to cancel my membership.

    Even now, with my other gym (SNAP Fitness) closing down in my area, I wanted to switch to Planet since it was closer and cheaper, but I refused to eat my words, so I am going with the one place it costs more. When we talk about Planet Fitness and the facilities at Planet Fitness, we applaud it for providing cheaper memberships for millions of their members, with no trade-offs on quality and convenience. Planet Fitness is a popular chain of fitness centers (it has over 15 million members, as of March 2020), but the franchise has not adopted modern customer service practices, particularly in terms of cancellations to membership plans.

    Unfortunately, rules differ from club to club, so you will need to contact the customer service department at the location you are holding your membership. The first option to cancel is to go down to your local clubs front office and request an end-of-membership form. A certified letter might be required, giving you proof that the letter was received, but check with your club to confirm their policy regarding termination. In this letter, you need to include details like your name, telephone number, address, and your Planet ID membership number.

    The certified letter needs to include a clear, unequivocal request for cancellation of your membership, as well as the effective date for cancellation. Go to the Planet Fitness location where you registered for membership at the gym. The front desk staff will give details about their lockout policy, along with the cancelation form for your membership. Fill out the form and ask for a staff member to contact you when your membership is cancelled. In case, if you wish to contact Planet Fitness via telephone and wish to know about membership cancellation details, you can reach them at (844) 880-7180. How to Pause Your Planet Fitness Membership If you need to take a temporary break from your Planet Fitness membership, and would rather not cancel your Planet Fitness membership completely, you can potentially suspend your account.

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