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How Much Is Planet Fitness

    With monthly membership fees starting at just $10, it is undoubtedly one of the least expensive gym options in America. Discount gym Planet Fitness has just the kind of membership fees a person could continue paying, even if he or she has not been to the gym for months, in hopes of finally going tomorrow.

    Unlike Town Sports International, Discount Gym Planet Fitness does not report the total number of visits a year from members, so there is no way to assess average usage rates from members. Planet Fitnesss membership plans are among the lowest I have seen for chain gyms in recent memory.

    However, in return for your payment, you get the classic Planet Fitness membership, where you only have access to your own personal gym, plus free WiFi and fitness classes. Another option you have available to you in Planet Fitness is an annual one-time membership, which you can obtain by paying a one-time fee of $199 per year. You can get a classic membership for $10, as well as a $39.00 yearly cost.

    For both black cards and classic memberships, your entry fee would only be $1.00, respectively $10. If you want Planet Fitnesss Black Card, which is their premium membership plan, your initiation fee will only be $1.00. Just $10 per month is the Planet Fitness classic membership, also known as the core membership.

    Planet Fitness offers an affordable monthly rate to their members, but there are many Planet Fitness membership benefits out there today if you are looking for longer-term benefits. Planet Fitness also offers a basic membership that costs $1 for registration, an annual fee of $39, and $10 each month. Planet Fitness Inc. will continue to offer the base membership at $10 per month. A basic, non-commitment Planet Fitness membership will run you about $10 per month (though Planet Fitness is franchisee and each individual location can opt to charge slightly more, or they can occasionally have special promotions that are even cheaper).

    If you are on a 12-month commitment and cancel your membership midway through, you will need to pay about $58. The process is the same if you are on a 12-month commitment, but you will need to pony up $ 58 for an early termination fee. You can probably sign up for it during a promotional period that promises a waived initiation fee or free the first month, but you will have to budget the costs throughout your subscription. When you sign up for a basic subscription rate, you will also pay the first and last months of fees.

    If you are taking the no-commitment membership, you have to pay $15 for a start-up cost. You are not going to find any cheaper gym memberships that cost less than $10 per month, you simply do not. If you are willing to pay $30-40 a month, look at LA Fitness.

    For just a few dollars extra a month, you will be able to access more amenities and better equipment at places like Crunch Fitness or LA Fitness. While only $10 a month is just $10 per month, you are limited to your own home gym and occasional assistance from a personal trainer. The Basic Membership gets you in the door and gives you 24-hour access to all of the training equipment. For starters, being a member for the monthly dues gives you privileges to utilize all the facilities at the club.

    You get to access Free WiFi, and some clubs can even provide free fitness instructor services. Honestly, the Home Club Use Only Membership is not worth it, as 24-Hour Fitness charges such high membership fees, making it far more expensive than a Multi-Club Membership with Super-Sport.

    Not only do they get the free T-shirt and unlimited workouts, they get access to every Planet Fitness franchise location, unlimited use of hydromassage chairs and tanning beds, 1/2 off cold beverages, as well as other benefits and discounts. Membership fees start at $10 a month, making it more affordable than some other fitness clubs, but there are also different types of memberships you can sign up for, like the Black Card Membership, since it offers everything that $22.99 does, plus you get access to every Planet Fitness location, no tanning restrictions, and much more.

    If you are buying in at Planet Fitness, you should prepare to pay a royalty fee which is 7 percent of the gross monthly and annual membership fees for the club. To cover it, you need to pay $199 (excluding taxes and other fees) and then enjoy your Planet Fitness membership for 12 months in a row, paying no monthly fees. The genius aspect of the Planet Fitness discount gyms rock-bottom monthly fees is that it is almost not worth canceling the membership if you have even the slightest inkling you may want to exercise again sometime in the mid-term. Depending on what is included with your membership, you might need to pay extra perks, such as some group fitness classes, personal training time, massages, or tanning bed sessions.

    With convenient monthly payments and two different plans to choose from, plus free personal training, 30-minute circuits, a massage lounge, tanning beds, and showering facilities, you are bound to love Planet Fitness. In addition to having a convenient membership plan, Planet Fitness is known for having highly-helpful, accommodating employees who are willing to answer any questions or requests that you might have concerning matters surrounding the gym. Each Planet Fitness gym also stays true to the companys no judgement philosophy, so new members do not need to worry that others will ridicule you for lack of strength, or think that you are trespassing on their gym. Planet Fitness, Inc. is also reaching out to younger prospective members with a program offering high school students free memberships during their junior year.

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