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How Much Is A Planet Fitness Membership

    Now heres the fun part, to get Planet Fitness Classic Membership, you only need to pay $10.00 a month. Planet Fitness also offers a basic membership that costs $1 for registration, a $ 39 annual fee, and $10 each month. If you want the Planet Fitness Black Card, their premium membership plan, your sign-up fee is only $1. Such a plan would cost you $15 per month, plus the $15 initiation fee, and a 39-dollar yearly membership fee.

    In return, though, you get the classic Planet Fitness membership, where you only have access to your own personal gym, as well as free WiFi and fitness classes. Another option you have available to you in Planet Fitness is an annual one-time membership, which you can obtain by paying a one-time fee of $199 per year. For payment, you will have to pay $199 (excluding taxes and other fees) and then you will be enjoying the Planet Fitness membership for 12 months in a row, with no monthly fees.

    If you are a member for longer than one year, or if you are under a month-to-month agreement, there is no cancellation fee of $ 58. There is no cancellation fee for anyone who has been a member for longer than a year or signed a non-commitment membership.

    If you signed up for a 12-month deal and you want to cancel before that 12 months is up, there is a cancellation fee of $58. Depending on your membership and your situation, you might still need to pay the cancellation or covering that months fees. You will not be charged an annual fee if your payment date falls within the freezing period, but will have to pay that fee on the first of the month when your subscription recommences.

    If you are on a 12-month pledge and cancel your membership during that time, you will need to pay about $58. The process is the same if you are on a 12-month commitment, but you will need to pony up $ 58 for an early termination fee. To cancel, you will have to visit your home club in person, fill out the Membership Cancellation Form at the front office, or mail your club a letter asking for cancellation.

    Honestly, the Home Club Us Only Membership is not worth it, as 24 Hour Fitness charges such high membership fees, making it far more expensive than a Super-Sport multi-club membership. Fitness club members frequently end up paying annual and monthly fees without ever going to the gym. IBISWorld reported in 2014 that in the average month, a gym membership cost $41 – about $490 annually for the right to get their blood pumping on treadmills and stationary bikes.

    With monthly membership fees starting at just $10, it is undoubtedly one of the cheaper gym options in America. With convenient monthly payments and two different plans to choose from, plus free personal training, 30-minute circuits, massage beds, tanning beds, and locker rooms with showers, you are bound to fall in love with Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness is primarily known for being affordable — particularly to people who are new to the gym and working out in general, but want to give the basic gym membership — that gives access to machines and the clubs core facilities — a shot. Planet Fitness offers an affordable monthly fee for their members, but if you are looking for longer-term benefits, then Planet Fitness membership benefits are plentiful nowadays.

    Membership fees start from $10 per month, making it more affordable compared to other fitness clubs, but there are also different types of memberships that you can sign up for, like a Black Card Membership, since it offers everything that a $22.99 does, plus you will have access to every Planet Fitness location, unlimited tanning, and much more. Planet Fitness membership fees start at $10 per month for the Classic Level, going up to $22.99 per month or more for the Black Card level. You can also spend $19.99 a month for the Black Card membership, which gives you access to every Planet Fitness across the country, plus tanning services and massage chairs. If you are dissatisfied with what Planet Fitness offers, there are other membership options for you to choose from, such as one-year membership, 6-month membership, and more.

    As a growing gym franchise across the US (and in other branches around the world), Planet Fitness is focusing more on having judgement-free area for its club members, thus, catering mainly for people who just want to experience a low-cost gym membership. In addition to having a budget-friendly membership plan, Planet Fitness is also known for having incredibly helpful, accommodating staff that is willing to answer any questions or requests that you might have regarding issues surrounding the gym. Planet Fitness, Inc. is also reaching out to younger prospective members with a program offering high school students a free membership during their junior year of high school. Planet Fitness is tempting people with lower sign-up fees and monthly fees over a longer period of membership.

    The Multi-Club Super-Sports Membership costs $45-55 per month, or $540-660 per year, which is a significant price discrepancy with Planet Fitness. The Regular or Classic Membership costs just $10 per month, which seems crazy cheap when you compare it to most gyms that may be available in your area. Premium memberships, which give access to every Golds Gym, cost $34 a month, or $348 annually with a one-year membership. For $19.95 per month, you get access to all participating Cardinal Fitness locations, Virtual Training every week, and one free Personal Training session every month.

    If you are a heavy weightlifter, like the diversity of classes and weights, or you want something a little more inclusive, and you do not mind paying $50 a month, 24-Hour Fitness is a great option.

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