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How Much Does Planet Fitness Pay

    If you are looking for a place to exercise without breaking the bank, look no further than these offers from some of the nations best-rated fitness centers. Planet Fitness offers rock-bottom prices and tons of benefits, including an unobstructed atmosphere Brand-name cardio and weight training equipment Fully equipped locker rooms Flat-screen TVs, and much more. Since its founding in 1992, Planet Fitness has been one of the fastest growing fitness centers in the U.S. thanks to its highly touted personal trainers and state-of-the-art equipment. You will find a lot of people that have joined this well-known gym before, and are highly satisfied with what they receive in return for the money that they spend at Planet Fitness each month.

    Aside from having a convenient membership plan, Planet Fitness is also known for its highly-helpful and accommodating staff that is willing to answer any questions or requests that you might have concerning matters surrounding the gym. Each Planet Fitness gym also stays true to Planet Fitnesss no judgement philosophy, so new members do not need to worry that others will ridicule you for lack of strength, or think that you are trespassing on their gym. Those joining Planet Fitness will also be happy to hear that Planet Fitness has an assigned crew member who is responsible for keeping the gym clean, to ensure all members are comfortable while working out. Employees working for Planet Fitness are given a free gym, fitness center, and membership in fitness, which is pretty self-explanatory considering that they are working as instructors.

    Planet Fitness is a company that is very welcoming to entry-level workers, so you could apply without experience and be hired as a member-service rep, janitor, or fitness trainer. To get an entry-level job at Planet Fitness as a member service representative, fitness trainer, or custodian, you need to be 18 years of age or older. You must be at least 18 years or older to become a fitness trainer, and you will need to have a nationally certified fitness training credential as well as a certification in first aid. To become a Planet Fitness Personal Trainer, you will need a nationally recognized Personal Training Certification, current CPR/AED Certification, and the passion to help people achieve their fitness goals.

    Members of all fitness levels can achieve great results using branded equipment and the assistance of certified personal trainers. To learn more about building an online personal training business just like Jill did, and structuring a successful business, check out Fitness Mentors certified online personal trainer certification (FM-COPT), which is focused on online personal training and passive income generation.

    Online Personal Trainer Jake offers three packages to his online clients, from customized fitness programs starting at $99/month, all the way up to a fully immersive video assessment, weekly calls, unlimited email support, and personalized nutrition, exercise, and nutrition tracking at $399/month. If you are dissatisfied with what Planet Fitness offers, there are other membership options for you to choose like one-year membership, 6-month membership, etc. Membership fees start from $10 per month, making it more affordable compared to other fitness clubs, but there are also other types of memberships available for you to sign up, such as Black Card Membership, since it offers everything the $22.99 does, plus you get access to every Planet Fitness location, unlimited tanning, etc.

    When I worked there during the holidays, Planet Fitness offered a prepaid membership of 99 which allowed you to pay up front, and it would save 20 too compared to paying for 10 months. Usually, Planet Fitness pays their employees twice per week, but this depends also on which location you are at and which manager you are working under. While planet fitness employees make a median annual salary of $23,928, various roles may require varying salaries.

    Based on our analysis, employees at PlantManufacture make salaries well above the average for Planet Fitness, averaging 45350 per year. Planet Fitness employees make an average annual salary of 25,000, or 12 an hour, 90 below the nationwide salary average of 6,6000 a year. When bonuses and other compensation are taken into account, the Planet Fitness personal trainer can expect to make a total median pay of 15 per hour.

    Average hourly compensation at Planet Fitness varies between about $1357 per hour for fitness consultants to $2,126 per hour for personal trainers. Average Planet Fitness salaries range from approximately 25,0000 per year for Training Director to 4,4725 per year for Club Manager. The average Planet Fitness salary ranges from approximately 18000 per year for Member Service Representatives to 120000 per year for Shuttle Drivers. It is also worth bearing in mind that most fitness centers have monthly contracts as well, so you do not have to get locked into a lengthy, multi-year deal with a gym.

    The interviewer wants to hear you are welcoming to any gym member, no matter their level of fitness. Employees are the ones that need to clean up after members that enter the gym, we disinfect our clubs so it is safe for Planet Fitness members to exercise, we clean toilets, we throw away hazardous garbage, and we are exposed to a variety of people during the course of our shifts. It is unfair for employees to put our livelihoods on the line every day to make sure members can walk into a clean, sanitized gym and expel respiratory droplets because they do not want to wear masks, and yet not get paid. Yet, the standards of cleanliness are preached which cannot be met realistically when employees are also expected to do tours, take calls, declutter dressing rooms, keep the gyms policies in order, register, cancel, and lockout members, sell tanning products, sell Planet Fitness merchandise, and service the gyms equipment.

    If you are passionate about fitness and would like to pursue a career in this field, absolutely tell a manager. Other members of his crew were supportive and thought Hung was ridiculous, Erik said, with a good number adding their names and salaries – Erik included.

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