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How Much Are Planet Fitness Memberships

    Planet fitness offers an affordable monthly fee to their members, however, there are many benefits to joining planet fitness nowadays, if you are looking for longer-term benefits. Planet Fitness also offers a basic membership that costs $1 for registration, an annual fee of $39, and $10 each month. For only $10 per month, it is the Planet Fitness classic membership, also known as the base membership.

    Planet Fitnesss membership plans are among the lowest I have seen for chain gyms lately. Planet Fitnesss biggest competitor is 24-Hour Fitness, another 24-hour gym that operates across the country. LA Fitness is another budget-friendly gym chain, with locations across the country. These budget-friendly gyms include Planet Fitness ($159 for low end, $314 for high end), Youfit ($170 & $337.99), Crunch ($279 & $399.30), Workout World ($180 & $407.99), Blink Fitness ($339 & $459), Anytime Fitness ($414 & $468), Retrofitness ($349 & $468.88), and LA Fitness ($275 & $490.88).

    If you have a larger budget for your monthly gym membership fees, you may also want to consider Golds Gym, Goodlife Fitness, and Life Time Fitness. In addition to monthly fees, there is an annual membership fee, which could be as low as $39 per year. You will have to pay a annual fee as well, which will vary depending on the membership type.

    Depending on your membership and your circumstances, you might still need to pay an opt-out or pay a monthly charge. Just keep in mind, depending on your membership, you might have to pay the cancelation fee. The process is the same if you are committed to 12 months, but you will need to pony up $58 for an early cancellation fee.

    If you are on a 12-month commitment membership and then cancel your membership mid-way through, you will have to pay about $58. If you are taking out a non-commitment membership, you have to pay $15 as an initial cost. There is also an enrollment fee, which is typically around $29. When you include an annual fee, some gyms will collect by your second or third month, it is an additional $20 to $60 added to your overall costs.

    While $39 for an annual membership is not much, if you are not going to use it, that is a substantial sum. While only $10 per month is just $10 per month, you will get access only to a home gym and the occasional personal trainer.

    LA Fitness is not quite as well-stocked with equipment and options as larger fitness clubs, but offers more training options than Planet Fitness and Cardinal Health-type gyms. Crunch Fitness Gyms are located in 32 states, plus Washington, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Costa Rica.

    Membership fees start at $10 per month, making it more affordable than some other fitness clubs, but there are also different types of memberships you can sign up for, like a Black Card membership, since this gives you everything that a $22.99 one does, plus you will have access to every Planet Fitness location, unlimited tanning, and more. You can also spend $19.99 per month for a Black Card membership, which allows you to get access to every Planet Fitness across the country, plus tanning services and massage chairs. Yes, Planet Fitness actually charges a minimum of $10 per month, and a maximum of $22.99, for a Black Card membership (billed on the 17th of each month for all members).

    Planet Fitnesss discounted gym has just the kind of membership fees that someone could continue paying, even if they have not been to the gym for months, in hopes that they will finally go tomorrow. Unlike Town Sports International, Discount Gym Planet Fitness does not report the total number of visits a year from members, so there is no way to assess average usage rates from members. One clever facet of Planet Fitnesss rock-bottom monthly fees is that a membership is almost never worth canceling if you have even the slightest inkling you may work out again sometime in the mid-term.

    Another option you have available to you at Planet Fitness is a single-year, one-time membership, which you can get for a $199 annual one-time fee. However, for that payment, you get a classic Planet Fitness membership, where you only have access to your indoor exercise facility, as well as free WiFi and fitness classes. If you want Planet Fitness Black Card, their premium membership plan, your membership initiation fee is just $1. For the cost of admission, you need to pay $199 (excluding taxes and other fees) and then you get to enjoy a Planet Fitness membership for 12 months straight, with no monthly fees.

    When you sign up for a basic membership fee, you also pay the first and last months membership fees. You might be able to sign up for an incentive period promising initiation fees are waived or the first month is free, but you will need to budget your costs throughout your membership. Depending on what is included with your membership, you might need to pay extra benefits, such as specific group fitness classes, personal training time, massages, or tanning bed sessions.

    If you are a heavyweight, like the diversity of classes and weights, or you would like something a little more inclusive, and you do not mind paying $50 per month, 24-Hour Fitness is a great choice. When including their $39.90 yearly membership fee, a total one-year Crunch Fitness membership costs $279.30 to $399.30.

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