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How Do I Cancel My Planet Fitness Membership

    As required by the terms of our contract, please accept this letter as official notification from me that you intend to cancel your membership with Planet Fitness. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your Planet Fitness membership with one telephone call; you must provide written notice of cancellation of membership or attend Planet Fitness in person. Please include your request to have your membership cancelled written notice, as well as your telephone number where you may call them with any questions or confirmation about your cancellation of your membership.

    Request Planet Fitness send you the written cancellation notice, as well as asking that they give you a follow-up telephone call to confirm that your membership has been cancelled. In case, if you wish to reach Planet Fitness via telephone and wish to know the details about membership cancellation, you can reach them on (844) 880-7180. To continue making your membership cancellation request in-person, you may visit the location of your house club and talk with their administrative staff or a manager. You will need to submit the cancellation request letter, or you will have to visit your home club in person (which is what we recommend).

    Once you have submitted the cancellation request, you typically need to wait for 30 days (the notification period). In other words, if you normally pay the annual bill in March, you need to cancel by or before Feb. 25. If you are too close to the normal auto-pay, thatll be another months worth of subscription fees. For instance, if you chose the 12 month commitment membership plan, you would need to pay for all 12 months of fees if you decided to cancel before the end of the contract.

    If you are a member that has been paying a 1-year commitment membership for longer than 12 months, you will be allowed to cancel the membership at any time. Depending on your subscription and your circumstances, you might still need to pay an opt-out fee or to pay that months fees. There is no cancellation fee for anyone who has been a member for over a year, or who signs up for the No-Commitment Membership. It is a no-commitment membership, and you can cancel anytime with it in certain club locations.

    You may want to check with the home club to find out whether Black Card members get any special benefits in terms of cancellation of a membership. Unfortunately, rules differ from club to club, so you will need to reach out to the clubhouse staff where you hold a membership. In addition, you will need to visit a Planet Fitness club in person and fill out the Membership Cancellation Form. You can either cancel in-person by visiting your nearest Home Club, or you can send a letter to the Planet Fitness address.

    You should either fill out the cancelation form at the front desk at your home club, or mail the cancellation letter via certified mail, in order to terminate your Planet Fitness membership. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your planet fitness membership online; you have to visit your club in person to cancel or mail a cancelation letter to them by certified mail. A certified letter might be required, giving you proof that a letter was received, but contact the club to verify their cancellation policy. In this letter, you need to include details like your name, telephone number, address, and your Planet ID membership number.

    Your name, phone number, and membership number all should be included in the first paragraph, which should be 2-3 words. The certified letter should include a clear, unequivocal request for cancellation of your membership, as well as an effective cancellation date. State in the letter that you would like the cancellation fees to be waived if you are eligible, as well as your reasons for doing so.

    Go to the Planet Fitness location where you registered for membership at the gym The front desk staff will give details about your cancellation policy, along with the form for canceling your membership. Fill out the form and ask for a staff member to contact you when your membership is cancelled. If you wish to suspend or cancel your gym membership, you will have to follow the instructions below. If you have ever had a gym membership, you know you might need to jump through a few hoops when it comes time to cancel.

    Gym memberships are notoriously hard to cancel, but the process is going to get much easier for you with our help. While signing up for a gym membership, which comes with regular monthly payments, is incredibly simple, canceling it is not that simple at the gym. No, you do not get a refund if you cancel before your membership ends in a payment month.

    In the event Planet Fitness still insists you must pay, show them documentation signed by a member of staff that says you already canceled your membership. Waiting For Cancellation To Process — If you do not get any notice that your cancellation has been processed one week after Planet Fitness received the cancellation letter, you may want to give them a phone call for a follow-up. I called Planet to inquire about my bill, but they said that I had to go online and submit corporate a grievance regarding my bills continuing to arrive.

    I sent some emails, and finally got a call telling me Planet had no information, said they had cancelled my membership, and that I had to pay the full amount. The issue was, our relationship had ended and I did not want to continue being confronted by my ex-girlfriend, so I went in front of a Planet representative at a desk and told them that I wanted to cancel my membership. Even now, with my other gym (SNAP Fitness) closing down in my area, I wanted to switch to Planet since it was closer and cheaper, but I refused to eat my words, so I am going with the one place it costs more.

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