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Does Planet Fitness Have Showers

    Overall, these showers are an excellent choice for those in a rush after working out, those looking to conserve water at home, or those just enjoying the convenience. All those looking to conserve water at home. For people who only have the time for exercise when they are driving to the office, a showering station is a blessing, making them exercise often. Planet Fitness has shower booths in each of its gyms, but only a select few locations sell towels, so you are best off bringing your own towel if you are planning on showering after a workout. All Planet Fitness gyms have shower stalls in the locker rooms, and if you plan on using a Planet Fitness shower, it is more than likely that you need to bring your own towel.

    All of Planet Fitness locations have showers and locker rooms; however, one must bring his or her own locker locks, towels, and bathroom necessities to the shower. Planet fitness has showers and locker rooms at all of its locations; however, one has to bring his locks for the lockers, along with towels and toiletries, as they do not provide them in the gym. All of Planet fitnesss locations have showers and changing rooms; however, you need to bring your locks for the vaults, towels, and toiletries for the batteries.

    Locker rooms are also available for use, however, members must bring their locks, and are responsible for items that they put into lockers. Yes, Planet Fitness has private, fully enclosed, full-length curtains in the showers for registered members, but you will need to bring your own safe, or padlock, to store your precious items safely inside your locker. In addition to a full-length shower separated with curtains, Planet Fitness has a private dressing area in which you can store your belongings securely without having to fight for protection of your valuables.

    Planet Fitness has separate mens and womens locker rooms and shower facilities, and they have private booths with full-length shower curtains to ensure members get the most privacy. Having ample space on the floor allows Planet Fitness to fit in plenty of workout equipment as well as extra amenities such as showers and locker rooms. Yes, all Planet fitness locations feature a personal shower area with a shower curtain, as well as clean, spacious locker rooms. All Planet Fitness locations have showers, and they are free to each and every client, however, per each locations rules, we are required to bring our locker locks, along with towels and bathroom necessities, into the shower.

    Other websites, as well as walking around Planet Fitness, will tell you that, no, they do not provide towels free for showering, however, in most locations, towels can be purchased from a counter. They do not provide bath soaps or towels in showers, however, you cannot seriously expect them to provide those things for the $10 per month membership fee. Like rules, Planet Fitness towels are not mentioned anywhere on the official Planet Fitness site, either, save for a piece of site content written by Autumn Jones recommending that you bring your own towels.

    Planet Fitness does not mention any rules, but you would be best served to lock up your belongings in a locker before leaving to use the shower–only some signs above the shower area display a handful of rules and common-sense etiquette.

    Planet Fitness lockers are provided to customers and club members alike while they are in the clubhouse, at no cost, meaning we were comfortable being able to clean up after our workouts and leave the facility feeling fresh. If individuals wish to learn more about the showers and dressing rooms, there is an option for them to take a complimentary tour at their local clubs which have stalls with showers. If the locker rooms do not have many showers, politely limit shower time. If you are hitting the gym during a busy period, it is a general politeness to keep it short as much as possible, so that everyone is able to get their showers done in time for the next show.

    Some gyms may encourage longer or shorter shower times, depending on memberships and how many shower booths are available for gym-goers. For those people in a rush to get out of the gym, Planet Fitnesss showers are a great option for them, as well as for anyone looking to save on their homes gallon-per-gallon water bills. For those people who are in a rush after the gym, the planet fitnesss showers may be a great option for those who want to cut water bills of their home.

    There is much more one needs to know about these showers before deciding whether or not it is worth their time. The showers are pretty big, with several of them even being as big as some house showers, and have an opening cut into the wall to allow members to put their shampoo or soap into as they are taking a shower. The locker areas are also painted purple, and lockers are usually located around the corner from where the showers are located.

    The shower booths are usually cleaned, though you may ask a cleaning staff member to clear a booth before using. You will also find in some locations, a changing station located opposite every shower, this is especially important for most members as they would rather get into the shower dressed and out. Keep in mind that peoples shower rooms are private with thick curtains, and you can always store items in the locker room if you are concerned about them when you are taking a shower.

    These things may sound inconsequential at first, but it is actually impossible to use a showering facilities without having access to a decent-sized locker at the same location. Like any other public place, you should also keep in mind that the showers in fitness centers require some regulation. Along with privacy, the other rule that you may encounter in the showers of your local fitness planet is efficacy.

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