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Does Planet Fitness Have A Sauna

    If you are looking for a prestige gym known for keeping their pools and sauna areas clean, check out YMCA, Equinox, Life Time Fitness, and 24-Hour Fitness. GoodLife Fitness is perfect if you are looking for a budget-friendly gym that has a pool and/or sauna, but are not too concerned with having the best, highest-quality facilities. While Onelife Fitness does not have nearly as many locations as some of its competitors, it does offer well-maintained equipment and swimming facilities, including saltwater pools and saunas.

    Both Basic and Premier memberships at GoodLife Fitness provide you with access to full-sized pools and/or saunas, as long as the facility has those amenities. While GoodLife Fitness does not have pools, saunas, or steam rooms, it is still an excellent fitness franchise that has various other amenities offered as part of your membership. Most locations of Crunch Fitness do not have pools, saunas, or steam rooms, but if you live close to a Signature Club, you are likely to find either indoor or outdoor pools.

    As we mentioned, while there are thousands of Planet Fitness locations nationwide, most of them do not have sauna or steam rooms. Having a sauna, hot tub, or steam room would be extremely costly for the Planet Fitness gyms, and it would require them to increase their membership prices. Most Planet Fitness gyms do not have a steam room or sauna because their main goal is to offer their customers an affordable membership. In certain gyms, a steam room or sauna might be available, and the saunas that are located in Planet Fitness might be your traditional steam room, or they may have saunas that are heated infrared.

    While some of the YMCA facilities are basic facilities, such as Planet Fitness, others are equipped with a variety of amenities, from steam rooms and saunas, to pools, to basketball courts. The least expensive membership fees — which can run as low as $50 per month — means that not every Planet Fitness gym has a sauna or steam room. Those who choose an upgrade membership at $20 get access to a tanning bed, a hydromassage machine, and other amenities in the gym.

    While membership to the Fitness Program does not include the steam room, membership in the “Black Card” tier would grant you access to amenities like the hydro-massage machine and the tanning beds. Its Black Card membership plan includes access to a health club that offers services like tanning beds and Spray tanning provided by Planet Fitness, and incredible hydromassage. If you purchase the Black Card membership, Planet Fitness offers a wide range of facilities, including full-body enhancement, tanning, and Hydromassage, with or without a sauna. Then, depending on the membership plan, you get access to facilities such as tanning, a massage chair, hydromassage, complete body improvement, free WiFi, free fitness classes, and 50% off drinks.

    The centre offers post-workout sessions with a massage chair and a tanner that you cannot get at any other gym, at the cost of $23 per month of a membership. It costs many resources to build, run, and maintain the sauna, yet Planet Fitness offers it at lower membership costs. To build, operate and maintain steam rooms, Planet Fitness had to pay at least double the costs to construct and install sauna structures and equipment. If Planet Fitness were ever to install and run steam rooms at their gyms throughout the U.S., they would need to increase their membership fees.

    Planet Fitness also needs to cut costs, which is why it has skipped the saunas at the vast majority of their locations. If you like Planet Fitnesss brand and ethos (or if they are simply incredibly convenient for your home or office) but still want to have a sauna, you might want to consider an indoor infrared sauna, such as this one from Radiant Saunas.

    It wanted to be private and high-end, catering to those who could afford it, so it is no surprise that Equinox Fitness offers a sauna and steam experience, too. Equinox Fitness was founded by Harvey Spevak, who wanted to create a different kind of gym than was already in the market at the time. A different kind of gym than was already in the market at the time.

    With over 400 locations across North America, 24 Hour Fitness provides access to cardio machines, free weights, group training classes, personal trainers, nutritionists, tanning beds, pool with a water slide, and, of course, sauna and steam rooms. GoodLife Fitness offers a premium gym experience with a wide range of amenities including pools, saunas, hydromassages, and even hydromassage rooms at select locations. Equinox fitness centers are located at many different locations and offer various membership plans to fitness enthusiasts. Equinox Fitness attempts to accomplish this by providing its members with an opportunity to exercise in a clean, safe environment, which offers high-level amenities.

    Planet Fitnesss primary focus is providing affordable memberships for people looking to get in shape. As stated earlier, low cost memberships and the number of locations, along with the convenient facilities, are major reasons behind Planet Fitnesss success. With Planet Fitnesss emphasis on offering an affordable price of gym membership, this proposition is impossible. If you are interested in signing up for a gym that includes amenities like steam rooms and saunas, you should be willing to pay the higher monthly rate above all else.

    Along with pools, saunas, hydromassages, and steam rooms, 24-hour fitness gyms also offer basketball courts, large locker rooms, private showers, and personal training. Since Planet Fitness wants to keep their centers welcoming for all, having a few muscular heads walking around intimidating people is not ideal.

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