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Does Planet Fitness Have A Pool

    However, there are several reasons Planet Fitness does not provide pool access in their gyms. Just because Planet Fitness does not offer the usual gym amenities such as pools, weights, and saunas, does not mean that they are not offering something cool. While World Gym does not have pool, sauna, or steam rooms, it is known to have an extensive selection of cardio machines.

    While GoodLife Fitness does not offer pools, saunas, or steam rooms, they are still an excellent franchised gym that offers various other amenities as part of their membership. Onelife Fitness offers a premium gym experience with a wide range of amenities, including pools, saunas, hydromassages, and even hydromassages at select locations. GoodLife Fitness is perfect if you are looking for a budget-friendly gym with a pool and/or sauna, but are not overly concerned with having the best, highest-quality facilities.

    While you will not find a Los Angeles Fitness location in every state of the U.S., the majority of their locations do have pools and saunas, so if one is close to you, chances are good that they at least have indoor lap pools. If your local 24-Hour Fitness has a pool, it likely has a few other cool amenities for you to check out, too. If Planet Fitness has a pool, then amenities may be hit-or-miss (one of the LA Fitness locations nearest to my home has a pool, but not a hot tub or sauna), so check with your local gym.

    Since you will not find pools and saunas in every high-end gym, take care which fitness center you purchase your next membership from. Since not all the best gyms will offer saunas, steam rooms, or hot tubs, and few of them offer pools, it may be difficult to find a nearby fitness center offering proper post-workout amenities to soothe your body.

    In general, 24-hour fitness centers offer a variety of post-workout recovery options, from pools and saunas to hot tubs and steam rooms, at many locations, and you can purchase memberships at mid-range prices. Final Directions In the end, LA Fitness, Golds Gym, LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, the YMCA, and Snap Fitness are among the best gyms that offer pools, saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs, but the gyms at Life Time and Equinox may offer a better experience at higher prices. Overall, although the gyms at LA Fitness are more expensive than some other fitness chains, the gyms at Life Time Fitness are family-friendly workout centers that offer perhaps the most pool options, either indoor or outdoor, and they also offer saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms at many locations.

    Life Time Fitnesss largest open-air pool is far better than those in gyms with similar prices. If a swimming pool facility is the primary criteria you are choosing a gym, you cannot get much better than Life Time Fitness. A swimming pool is an awesome addition to a gym, but it is definitely an extravagant feature. Having a pool in your gym could qualify as a luxury experience, but you will need to be willing to pay for it.

    As we mentioned, adding a pool at your gym could increase your membership fees considerably. Instead, we would need to go a bit higher on price to find you a gym that has a pool. Most gyms have either got pools, or are planning on adding them in the near future, and Planet Fitness might look weird not taking advantage of the pool membership. Planet Fitness does not have pools at Planet Fitness gyms in order to help reduce costs for the membership.

    Planet fitness does not have pools either. Planet fitness does not have pools either. Planet fitness does not have a sauna, pool, or steam room mostly because it is focused on keeping the membership fees affordable. Because Planet fitness works hard to make sure the Planet fitness facilities are judgment free zones, pools may be in conflict with their goals. The chain views the shower as a benefit, and it is true: Even some higher-end gyms lack accessible locker rooms, and some smaller chains may occasionally be without showers. The fitness centers that they have are extremely large, with lots of free weights, cardio machines, and other gym gear.

    24 Hour Fitness also has an excellent selection of cardio equipment, including the latest Rowers and Ellipticals. Since World Gym offers several pools classes, 24 Hour Fitness may be perfect if you are looking to exercise in a group setting. From basketball courts and lap pools, to all of the best group fitness classes and cycling, the 24-Hour Fitness gym offers an enormous amount of choices that will have you reaching your best every day. Guests have access to 24 Hour Fitness amenities, from modern cardio, strength, and functional training equipment, to a lap pool, basketball courts, and high-energy Group X(r) classes.

    As recreation amenities for fitness enthusiasts, 24-Hour Fitness features indoor pools, saunas, steam rooms, and hydromassage rooms, mostly of the whirlpool variety. While most mid-level gyms have only a sauna, a hot tub, and no swimming pool, or only a small lap pool, most Life Time Fitness locations feature large, open-air pools complete with water slides. While GoodLife Fitness does not have nearly as many locations as some of its competitors, it does offer well-maintained equipment and swimming facilities, including saltwater pools and saunas. Planet Fitness locations feature weights and cardio equipment, daily group fitness classes, an indoor heated lap pool, spa, and sauna, racquetball and basketball courts, locker rooms, personal trainers, Kids Klub (babysitting), a juice bar, and a swim school (some facilities may vary).

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