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Do Iphone 12 Cases Fit Iphone 13

    The options above are available to you to select as these are the strongest cases that best suit iPhone 13 models. It is just good to go along with these amazing variants of iPhone 13s with a perfect case that enhances the phones styling and features. You are going to want to get the case for iPhone 13s; they are not meant for dropping.

    All of Apples iPhone 13 models are thicker than their iPhone 12 counterparts, meaning that iPhone 12 mini cases do not fit iPhone 13 Minis, iPhone 12 Pro cases will not fit iPhone 13 Pros, and iPhone 12 Pro Max cases will not fit iPhone 13 Pro Maxs. This seemingly small difference, which is accounted for by a new camera bump, means any case that fits a 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max would not fit the 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max correctly.

    The changes to camera capabilities, and the bumps they come with, have caused cases designed for the iPhone 12 mini to fall short of those designed for the iPhone 13 mini. The differences may not be discernible holding both iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, but this difference of 0.15mm is probably the reason why iPhone 12 Series cases are not going to fit the newer iPhones. What those slight changes in size mean (along with Apples decision to shift button placement a bit) is that your iPhone 12 case is not going to fit iPhone 13.

    The iPhone 13 is slightly thicker than the iPhone 12, the placement of the buttons is different, and the camera module is just a bit larger on the iPhone 13 compared to the iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 is nowhere near as big and shaped as the iPhone 11 or previous models. The size of the 13 series of iPhones is closer to that of the iPhone 12 range, but because of this bump for the camera, as well as the slightly increased thickness, it will be impossible to slip an older-style cover into.

    Clearly, we saw the brand-new, larger phone cover cannot fit inside the older iPhone 12 covers. With the new phones came the iPhone 13 cases, too, replacing slightly older iPhone 12 cases. While the dimensions and form factor of the new tech giants smartphone are pretty much identical to those of the iPhone 12, you may wonder whether iPhone 12 cases will work with the long-awaited iPhone 13. Since holiday shopping is starting early in the year due to supply chain issues that have caused delays in delivery, this is a great time to grab Apples iPhone 13 cases.

    With iPhone 13 available for ordering, AppleInsider has gone hands-on with the official, first-party Silicone Case options from Apple for their new smartphone. Apple offers a similar silicone case color option for all phones in its iPhone 13 line, but for the purposes of the AppleInsider hands-on, we are looking at the iPhone 13 Pro model specifically. Both phones are likely covered by the same-size cases this year, apparently, though if you are planning on upgrading from an older model, the case will definitely be different on the new iPhone 13 Pro.

    If you had one of the phones last year, then in fact, you could just pick up the case for one of the models from this year and be good to go. If you are planning on upgrading your iPhone 12 to a newer iPhone 13, you may be thinking you could just use the older case with the newer phone and save yourself a bit of money, but this is just not going to happen. In short, the answer is NO, and just as iPhone 11 cases will not work on iPhone 13, you are going to have to purchase something that is specific to the model and generation of your iPhone right now if you want to get any protection. Recommended is because if it is such a tight fit, trying to cram it on can exert unnecessary pressure that can crack glass or break lenses, so at this point, it seems like you will have no option other than springing for a new case rather than reusing an old one.

    Also, because the iPhone 13s case is smaller than the Pro version, it would not provide as much protection as needed, and if you dropped the phone, it is possible that the camera, edges, and screen would get damaged, though that is pretty much unwelcome. The other route is okay: The iPhone 13 will fit inside an iPhone 13 Pro case – although its camera looks a bit weird sitting in a huge, slitted portion, but an iPhone 13 Pro is not going to sit comfortably inside an iPhone 13 case. Because of this difference in dimensions, having the smaller camera cutout in a 12 Pro Max case means the iPhone 13 Pro Max does not have as much space to hold it, which means that some of it could fit, but the rest probably would not. While the iPhone 13 looks a lot like an iPhone 12, right down to its same slender edges and glass front and back, the design is different enough to mean the cases are not compatible across generations.

    That is why Apple is happy to sell you a range of special iPhone 13 Series cases, which are made especially to fit iPhone 13 Series buttons and camera island quirks. Ahead, shop cases from trusted brands such as Casetify and others, that go from pretty to practical, and fit Apples iPhone 13.

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