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A Bra That Fits Calculator

    As you can see, results may vary depending on what kind of bra and how fitted it is. To figure out your bra size, you will need a soft measuring tape, and to get best results, remove your bras or wear a bra that fits best. Using the soft measuring tape, measure directly under your breasts, where your bra will fit comfortably. Stand tall with no bra and using measuring tape, measure around the back and underneath the breasts, where your bras bands will normally fit.

    Push-up bras and padding will distort things, so put on your bra-rack camisole or best-fitting daily bra, and take a one-inch tape measure. If you have solid breast tissue that does not squish or move around a lot, try measuring without the bra. For women who have softer breast tissue that does not tend to stay in place, you will want to measure with your sleeping bra on. Let us start, First, get out the measuring tape, then wear a good-fitting, new bra with underwires, no padding, or minimizer.

    There is a very good chance that you will find that you will be perfectly fine with your bra, regardless of what else you are wearing. Such a bra does indeed exist, and our specially trained Fit Experts at Bras N Things can help you find the perfect match.

    Once you figure out your size, you can use the Bras That Fit Guide to identify your breast shape, which may help you find bras that fit you most comfortably. We designed this Fit Calculator and Size Chart to help you get to your small-breasted bra size, so please give it a shot, even if it is a little bit different from what you are used to. Figuring your bra size can be difficult, but this measuring method is a great place to start when looking to find your perfect bra.

    This specific calculator is unique in that it relies on six measurements, instead of the traditional two, to determine your bra size. Using your nearest inch, head over to our band size chart and look up your measurements, as well as an estimated band size. If your measurements are 39 inches or longer, round up to the nearest even number to find your band size. You still need your bands measurement, which gives you the numbers before the letters.

    Subtract your band measurement (step 2) from your chest measurement (step 3). Keep in mind that the tape-measure system will give you the correct size for the band, but not for your cups, if you have a larger bust.

    The measurement around your lower bust–the area around the ribcage where the breast tissue ends–and an extra four inches is supposed to give your band size, while the difference between this number and the measurement around the point at which your breasts are more projected off of your body is your cup size. Your cup size is a free-standing circumference measured around the breasts, across their entire portion, standing upright, arms at your sides, wearing an appropriately fitted bra. The girdle or girdle size is a tighter circumference, worn without being tight, measured just below the breasts.

    A bra that fits correctly will give you nicely rounded, well-shaped, and lifted breasts. You will adjust to a firm fit, and the new bra becomes more comfortable as time goes on. The more you can squeeze, the better the bra fits, feels, and looks. Unfortunately, size is only half of the battle; bras also come in a variety of shapes, and a bra that is incompatible with your form is going to fit poorly regardless of which size you tried on.

    Here you will see a lengthy list of bra fit problems, reasons behind them, and tips for getting your fit right. We broke down everything you need to do to get your bra sizes right first time — and to improve your wardrobes good-to-bad bra ratio. Our guide to bra fit & measurement manual has tips on fitting & measuring bras for trans women, while this resource on binding/compression is specifically designed for trans men/other folks looking to minimize the amount of bust they carry. This site is designed to get you the correct bra size using your REAL measurements, resulting in the best, most optimal fit you can possibly have.

    If you want a little extra guidance, though, I have also spoken with the expert behind the M&S Bra Fit, Julia Mercer, who gave me a little extra in-depth information, so that if you are ever curious about finding the right fit, there is never any doubt. Many transgender and trans-masculine individuals turn to Bra That Fits for tips on finding the right bra post-hormone treatment or gender-affirming surgery, because retailers size charts are typically designed for a very specific subset of cisgender female bodies. Once you follow all of Ms. Vogues tips, you might find you are with a whole new size of bra, not so universally available in storerooms like your old one was.

    A common mistake is refusing to consider the possibility that your bra size has changed since you were last measured. If something is not right, then you will have to evaluate your sizing again, or perhaps your bra style. If your measurements are around or under the 1/2″ mark, then go ahead and reduce the number by one, which will keep the bra elastic and will last you a lot longer. Whether you wear bras is a personal choice, but even if you wear only a few times, you should know how to properly measure for your bra size.

    In addition to age and lifestyle influences, your size is probably going to change depending on the bra itself. Be sure to record the brand, model, and size of every bra you try, along with a little info about how it fits/how it feels when you put it on. Bra-wearers among us will also know that our favorite styles may change based on multiple factors, including–but not limited to–our clothing, time of month, and how our breasts develop and change in size.

    Check out our new Bra Size Guide, which takes users-uploaded data from Bratabase and compares them to look for things like Most Projected Cups, Slightly Narrower Gorget, Runs one band size too snug, so you might need to sister up a size on that bra.

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